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Is any special equipment required for training on the ErgoWall?

No. Climbing training on the ErgoWall does not require any special equipment. Even kids who exercise on the ErgoWall do not require a safety harness. Sportswear and a pair of sneakers is all you need – and off you go!

Climbing training is nothing new. What is the difference between ErgoWall and traditional climbing walls?

ErgoWall is a climbing wall featuring a rotating belt. Instead of climbing a static wall, ErgoWall users exercise on a vertical treadmill. Settings such as wall inclination, a wide range of programs and various arrangements of the ergonomically shaped climbing grips make for a highly individualized training experience tailored to the needs of every user.

Who is ErgoWall suited for?

ErgoWall is an allround fitness machine that adapts to many different training needs. Athletes and hobby climbers looking for an intensive workout will enjoy ErgoWall just as much as physiotherapy patients meaning to improve their mobility. Kids and best agers are ideally suited for exercising on ErgoWall, too. They improve their physical condition, strengthen their muscles and gain trust.

Is ErgoWall really safe?

Yes. ErgoWall bears the CE mark. A safety mat included with delivery provides a safe training environment. An integrated protection system – stop function in case of mat contact, speed control when climbing beyond the light barriers – avoids injuries.

Does ErgoWall offer customer support?

In case of questions concerning ErgoWall, customers will get support from our highly qualified service team. ErgoWall specializes on a combination of technical and therapeutic support. Our team of therapists offers expert advice on training opportunities using ErgoWall and, if required, creates individual training programs. When it comes to servicing and maintaining ErgoWall, our technicians will be glad to help you.

How much does ErgoWall cost?

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